CMB Intro

Introduction to CMB

We have developed the industry leading automated patient contact system. Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers that use our system have consistent, demonstrable and repeatable benefits in both revenue creation and compliance enhancement.

The Need for Patient Contact

Patient contact and retention services play an extremely important role in the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Industry. Recently, there have been legislative changes that require constant patient communication initiated by DME providers. This ensures that the patients are in fact utilizing their medical equipment, as well as regulates payment procedures. In an industry that serves millions of patients across the U.S., it is extremely difficult to initiate patient contact with merely human resources. Many providers struggle with contacting hundreds (or even thousands) of patients on a monthly basis.

CMB Solutions specializes in automated patient contact to create revenue and enhance compliance for DMEs.In the time it takes to reach out to a handful of clients through contacts placed at your DME, it will take the CMB Solutions Automated Patient Contact System a fraction of the time to deliver desired results.

At CMB Solutions we can:

  • INCREASE revenue through our reOrder campaigns. DME's across the county use CMB Solutions to provide consistent and repeatable replenishment orders for any replaceable medical supplies. Click here for more information.
  • ENHANCE compliance through equipment use and inpatient care checks. Protect your revenue with CMB Solutions be regularly checking on your patients use of equipment and inpatient care status. CMB Solutions can also provide quality control surveys. Click here for more information.
  • DEVELOP new revenue sources with Marketing. Cross promote additional product lines related to your patient's diagnosis easily and efficiently through email. Launch newsletters and patient education pieces easily and affordably. Click here for more information.