CMB What We Do

What we do


CMB Solutions Inc., provides an “Automated Patient Contact System” for the medical industry, including but not limited to, Durable Medical Equipment Dealers, Hospital Organizations and Home Health Companies. CMB Solutions uses Electronic Voice Messaging and Live Phone Technology to provide affordable and efficient solutions for its customers. We have pre-built platforms for service calls, DME inpatient care checks (rerent calls) and reorder of recurring prescriptions. Each of these platforms can be customized to meet your individual needs and are affordable for any size provider. CMB Solutions fully manages all our systems so you can concentrate on your core business.


At CMB Solutions we offer a variety of campaigns that can be used to increase revenue and reorder of supplies, enhance compliance and market effectively to patients. Campaigns can be conducted by email, IVR or live calls.

Increase Revenue

More than half of the patients that complete our automated reorder survey order new supplies. By instituting our replenishment program you can experience explosive revenue growth. Your existing
patients are one of your greatest sources of revenue. CMB Solutions provides a replenishment program for any replaceable supply that produces consistent orders. Did you know that spending just $5 a year per CPAP patient using our system can produce a return of over $125?


Protect Revenue

The Recovery Audit Contractor program is beginning to operate nationwide. There will be an increase in audits and the consequences can be severe for the unprepared DME. In this environment the prudent DME that is interested in preserving its revenue must take steps to properly document the necessity and continued use of equipment by patients. CMB Solutions provides an enhanced compliance structure to check on your patient’s use of equipment on a monthly basis. CMB Solutions can also provide Quality Assurance surveys to enhance your delivery of supplies and increase patient care.


Marketing and Patient Education

Does your patient know what other types of medical products that your DME offers? Does your patient know what other types of medical products they should have to complement their existing equipment?


At CMB Solutions we have developed a comprehensive email-based marketing campaign that can deliver this information to your patient seamlessly for less than the cost of postage.

Live Calls

If you have complicated compliance or replenishment issues live calling may be the answer. CMB Solutions offers live calling platforms that integrate seamlessly with our automated platforms. Live calls can be especially effective for early compliance issues surrounding CPAP.

Collection Calls

Sometimes patients need a gentle reminder to pay their bills. Instead of devoting precious human resources to the problem let CMB Solutions contact these patients through a simple call or email campaign for less than the cost of postage.

O2 Prescription Reminders

Does your patient know when they need to have their O2 prescription reviewed? Probably not. The responsibility for informing the patient of the need to have their O2 prescriptions reviewed is going to fall squarely on the DME. CMB Solutions can help you meet this challenge. We are now involved in a beta of an exciting new product that will remind patients of their need to go back to the Dr. for their O2 prescription for less than the cost of postage.

Your Ideas

In a constantly evolving market your ideas are the drivers of our development. What are the challenges that you encounter as a DME? Let’s work together to see if automated patient contact meet these challenges.


CMB Solutions data specialists can work with your organization to fully customize your customer contact solution. Your Problem, Our Solution.


For every campaign and every customer we provide detailed reporting on weekly, monthly and on an immediate basis. The proper use of this data can dramatically increase the efficiency of your operation leading directly to increased revenues.


CMB Solutions fully manages all of its platforms. In many cases our expertise allows us to make changes and suggestions to increase data recovery and efficiency that you might miss. Our attention to your campaign lets you focus on your core business.